Terms and conditions of use


The Antique Path accepts bank wire and Paypal payments. Other payment methods could be agreed.


The product will be send through the Official Post Office (or other carrier agreed) in 48 hour maximum term after payment is received.

Retourn Policy

The Antique Path wishes your satisfaction with your bought. In order to assure your satisfaction, we have established a Retourn Policy. If you were not satisfied with your purchase, you should contact us by e-mail or telephone in a 7 day term after purchase reception. The Antique Path will answer accepting the item retourn in a 3 day term. The buyer will have a 7 day term to return the item back through the same carrier that manage the delivery (unless other carrier agreed). We strongly recomend the tracking send of the product. The buyer will be in charge of return expenses (unless other is agreed). After verifying the correct status of the return item, The Antique Path will reinbourse the amount paid in a 3 day term.

Authenticity Guarantee

The Antique Path guarantees the authenticity of all its products.